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Welcome to Okemos Brewing Radio

Established in the unincorporated town of Okemos, Michigan in 2008, Okemos Brewing Radio is a labor of love for founder and programmer Dan Kelley. It's a mix of classic rock -- including deep tracks that haven't been heard on FM radio in decades -- progressive rock, folk, blues, garage rock and alternative. And then there are some occasional groovy tracks from the 60s and early 70s that were heard on AM radio.

Our music collection comes from both CD and vinyl and includes hard-to-find and out-of-print material.

Questions? Comments? Email us at studio@okemosbrewing.com

Mobile Apps!

Our mobile apps are ready for download and use! Listen to Okemos Brewing Radio on your Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows smartphone. Do a search in your appropriate app store (search for "OkemosBrewingRadio") or use these download links on your device for direct access:


The apps were produced by Nobex Technologies and are advertiser-supported. Questions? Comments? Email us at studio@okemosbrewing.com

Thanks for the Support!

Thanks going out to our latest contributors to Okemos Brewing Radio. This includes Bradly in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, CA (multiple times!); Ed in Arnprior, Ontario, CA (a contributor many times over!); Henry in Horse Cave, KY; Lenny in Laredo, TX; Michael in Dover, NH; and Paul in Dreieich, Germany. Special thanks to Tim in Lebanon, Ohio for setting up a recurring monthly donation.

Your donations are very important and much appreciated.

If just every listener made a small donation each month, the station would be self-sufficient and the commercials could go away.

Questions? Comments? Email us at studio@okemosbrewing.com